DXI Engineer — what it is to me.

I recently took a StandOut assessment to help me understand what my top roles in a team were and how to capitalise on them. My two top roles came back as a “provider” and a “stimulator” with a tagline of “You make sure that every voice is heard”.

Providers “sense other people’s feelings, and they feel compelled to recognise these feelings, give them a voice, and act on them.” While Stimulators are “the hosts of others’ emotions. They feel responsible for them, for turning them around, for elevating them.”

How does this relate to DXI though?! 🤔

Digital Experience Intelligence is something I recently discovered as a career path and noticed that it’s gaining traction in the tech industry. It provides us with analytics and insights into how our customers are interacting with our platform — ultimately ensuring that every voice is heard. It is so important that digital businesses understand their customers and this is where a DXI engineer gets to work!

For me, it is very important that our customers are heard, that what they actually do on our platform is understood vs what we think they should be doing. We all know that a great digital experience is one that is efficient, responsive and frictionless. But how do we know that our customers are actually having a frictionless experience? By using DXI tools and techniques we can ensure that we fully understand our customers friction, pain points and what makes them rage click! Being a DXI engineer allows me to be responsible for our customers’ voice and bring other DXI advocates along with me to help their teams realise their full potential.

After understanding our customers through DXI, it gives teams the ability and confidence to make informed decisions and act on them based on customer interactions. The beauty of DXI is that it isn’t just analytics and insights for engineering or product teams. DXI can be and should be implemented from marketing right through to customer support. Each part of our platform that our customers touch should be a user experience that makes them want to renew their contract, shout about it and ultimately help become advocates for our business.

Being a DXI Engineer allows me to draw on my strengths. Being that provider for Bazaarvoice customers as well as the teams within Bazaarvoice and ensuring that no one gets left behind, with a goal of elevating the products produced by our teams and the experience had by our customers.

I am so excited to grow my career in this new field that I’m so passionate about. If this is something you are also passionate about or would like to talk about DXI please reach out, I would love to learn more!



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